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Its the National Do Something Nice Day

Posted on 03 October 2017

Across the Nation on 5th October people observe our National "Do Something Nice Day"... Well here at YourMO, we decided to come with the top 10 things you can do that will brighten someones day. 

"Real generosity is doing something nice for someone who will never find out" - Frank A. Clark

  1. Smile... all day, at everyone. Lift the atmosphere
  2. Pay compliments and recognise team members achievements at work - think about what each of your colleagues do everyday and thank them for it. Brighten their day. 
  3. Open a door for someone - even if you are not going through it. Help them out, whether it's for a man, woman or child. 
  4. Put in the extra tea run at work, even if it's not your turn or make someone, anyone a cuppa
  5. If you have an elderly neighbour, relative or friend, go help them out - a bit of gardening, do their shopping, make a cuppa or just be there. You'll brighten their day tremendously and you'll feel good.
  6. Make your loved one a surprise bubble bath (we do have wonderful treats you can add to make it extra special like our Jewel Bath Bombs or Jewel Candles). 
  7. Give your loved one a surprise massage, help them lighten their soul. 
  8. Donate to a charity of your choice - give up that Starbucks, Costa Coffee or Newspaper and send your money to a worthy cause instead or donate to a local food bank.
  9. Give a stranger flowers and watch their smiles glow
  10. Thank your local emergency services, show your appreciation for those that dedicate their lives to being our heroes 24/7

Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need - Khalil Gibran

Have you seen the film, Pay it Forward with Keven Spacey or Seven Pounds with Will Smith - a real tear jerker, but we l♡ve them both! The idea of doing a good dead for someone else is awesome. Why not consult our goto Google and see if anyone in your area does a pay it forward service - some restaurants now allow you to buy an extra slice of pizza for a customer who can't or give out a meal to the homeless paid for by you. 

Here at Modern Outfitters, we really want to know what nice gestures you did on National Do Something Nice Day - send us a tweet of all the nice things you've done :)

In the spirit of reward, for anyone who buys one or more Wax Melts on 5th October 2017, we will send you an extra one (random scent) for you to give as a gift to your friend or a random stranger. If you purchase, tag them in the post and let them know you've got a gift for them. Everyone loves a fresh scent and the surprise will brighten their day :)


Cass @ YourM.O

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