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What Should I Wear for my Body Shape?

Posted on 16 August 2017

We all spend time browsing the latest trends in fashion magazines and looking at what the Celeb's are wearing. We spend to much time conciously and unconciously comparing ourselves to our peers, friends and those that are airbrushed!

Most people do not know how to identify their body shape and how to dress for their shape. We aim to dispel some of those myths and help you know what to buy for your shape.

Body shape is all about proportion, and fashion is all about dressing your proportions so that you can look your best. We all spend too much time focussing on weight or height or both! We need to focussing on shape.

Myth Buster: It's not about trying to look thin. It's about dressing your shape and enhancing your body so you look and feel the very best in every outfit you own.

Strip off your clothes and take a good look - compare yourself to these body shapes below and go through the questions. Once you've identified your shape, read on and we will help you figure out what to wear for your shape.

Can you identify your

body shape from this picture below?

We found this really difficult... Which is the hourglass? Use our guide below and compare our Body Shape Statements to your own body, then scroll further on to read which fashion items to purchase and which to avoid!





Body Shape Statement - What is an Inverted Triangle Shaped Body?

  • Your shoulders are wider than your waist and hips
  • You wear a larger size on your top half than your bottom half
  • You have a straight ribcage


  • Enhance your hips by choosing clothes that add volume for a balanced silhouette
  • Stay away from clothing that draws attention to your shoulders
  • Create the illusion of a waist by using a waist cinching belt

    Clothes to INVEST in: Clothes that suit an Inverted Triangle shaped body

    • Bodycon's or dresses or tops with a peplum trim or hip frill
    • Tops or dresses with banding or nipping in at the waist
    • Darker coloured tops
    • Wear tailored jackets with a little flaring at the waist
    • Waist cinching / accentuating belts
    • Oversized clutch bags, large shoppers or totes, large shoulder bags

    Clothes to STAY AWAY from: Clothes that do not suit an Inverted Triangle body:

    • Boat, cowl, bardot, off-shoulder necklines, halterneck, wide V or U necklines
    • Flouncy cap or ruched shoulder tops or tops that accentuate shoulders
    • Patterened tops, scarves aournd your neck or shoulders



    Body Shape Statement - What is a Pear Shaped Body?

    • Your hips are wider than your shoulders and waist
    • Rounded bottom and full hips
    • The ratio of bust-waist-hips is 3-2-4
    • You wear a larger size on your bottom than your top


    • You need to focus the attention upwards to broaden your shoulders
    • Accentuate your waist too by choosing high waist cinching belts
    • Broaden the neckline
    • Keep your bottom half subtle and simple whilst going for it on your top half!

    Clothes to INVEST in: Clothes that suit a Pear Shaped Body:

    • Layer it up! Layering garments can balance a pear shaped body out so go for gilets, shrugs, scarves, statement necklaces
    • Statement necklines (bardot's, off-shoulder, one-shoulder are all good!)
    • Go for wider hemlines to visually balance out your hips and team with extra pointed toes to elongate your legs
    • Choose shirts, dresses and tops with embellished necklines
    • Choose empire waistbands or go for an A-Line dress as this will accentuate the narrower part of your body whilst cleverly sirting over the hip area
    • Wear knee length skirts or shorts
    • Wear structured jackets that end past your hip to balance out your shoulders

    Clothes to STAY AWAY from: Clothes that do not suit a Triangle / Pear Shaped Body:

    • Skinny, tapered or slim fit jeans, leggings or trousers (sorry!)
    • Belts around the hips
    • Bodycon dresses as these do not balance out the hips
    • Avoid pastel coloured trousers
    • Avoid high-waisted trousers. These will just accentuate your wide hips and booty and do nothing to balance or hide them.  
    • Avoid mini skirts and booty shorts - these widen your hips and thighs - nothing above the knee!
    • Avoid pencil skirts as these will just showcase your wide hips and bum.
    • Stay away from baggy tops or tunis, bias cut dresses and skirts
    • Patterend bottoms or embellishments to your hips




    Body Shape Statement - What is a Rectangle Shaped Body?

    • You have an undefined wiast
    • You have straight hips and bottom
    • You don't have many curves
    • You have a small bust
    • The ratio of bust-waist-hips is 3-3-3


    • You need to focus on creating the illusion of curves
    • You need to create the illusion of having a defined waistline
    • You need to keep your silhouette uncluttered
    • Showcase your leans arms and legs

    Clothes to INVEST in: Clothes that suit a Rectangle Shaped Body:

    • Jeggings, treggings, skinny's - you can wear them all
    • Dresses cut on the bias
    • Go for bardot, off-shoulder, deep scoop or round open necklines
    • Go for tailored jackets that gently shape and accentuate your waistline
    • Choose belts that define your waist
    • Go for collars, ruffles and neck embellishments
    • Choose skirts that enhance the shape of your hips to legs - so Pencil, A-line and tulip skirts

    Clothes to STAY AWAY from: Clothes that do not suit a Rectangle Shaped Body:

    • Avoid crop tops! I know, I know!
    • Avoid dresses or skirts that just 'hang' - straight doesn't work on your shape
    • Avoid tops and jackets that just hang or slouch - they don't accentuate your shape
    • Avoid square necklines
    • Avoid details at the waist such as a noticable waistband (like high-waisted trousers, belted jackets and coats at the front)
    • Boxy style tops or jackets
    • Rectangle shaped bags or clutches
    • Square toe shoes or boots





    Body Shape Statement - What is a Apple Shaped Body?

    • You have fullness in your tummy / middle area
    • You have an average to big bust
    • You have narrow hips and good legs
    • You have quite broad shoulders
    • The ratio of bust-waist-hips is 4-3-3


    • You need to elongate the torso
    • You need to create the illusion of a waist
    • Opt for structured pieces as they will add definition and hide the extra weight
    • You need to draw attention to your legs

    Clothes to INVEST in: Clothes that suit a Circle / Apple Shaped Body:

    • Invest in uplifting bras - this can help adjust your posture and give you a waistline
    • Waist cinching belts
    • Go for wrapped tops, tops with side ruching and knot front tops
    • Choose flat fronted trousers
    • Peplum top or dress can help hide the tummy area with a frill that falls below the waist
    • Knee length dresses and skirts
    • Go for wide V or U neck tops
    • Empire cut tops and dresses
    • Wrap dresses with slightly flared skirts
    • Boot cut jeans or trousers, straight leg jeans and trousers

    Clothes to STAY AWAY from: Clothes that do not suit a Circle / Apple Shaped Body:

    • Avoid high-waisted trousers and jeans
    • Avoid bodycon dresses or skirts
    • Avoid clothes that lack shape or hang limply
    • Avoid cluttered tiered or gathered skirts
    • Stay away from shoulder bags
    • Keep away from heavy detailing around the middle / waist



    Body Shape Statement - What is an Hourglass Shaped Body?

    • You have a curvy body
    • You have a well defined narrow waist
    • You have proportinately balanced waist and hips
    • You wear the same size top and bottom
    • You have a rounded bottom
    • The ratio of bust-waist-hips is 4-2-4


    • Define and flatter your waistline
    • Highlight your curved and ensure you balance out your top and bottom

    Clothes to INVEST in: Clothes that suit an Hourglass Shaped Body:

    • Go for waist defining tops and jackets
    • Waist cinching belts
    • Jeans and trousers - choose boot cut and straight legged and choose mid or high rise
    • Skirts - choose knee length, a-line, pencll skirts and full circle as all these will accentuate your curves
    • Choose scoop, sweetheart, halter and v-necklines.
    • Go for wrap blouses or tops or skirts
    • Look for tailored snug fitting shaped pieces, like jackets that draw in towards the waist
    • Choose solid colours as these will flatter your figure best

    Clothes to STAY AWAY from: Clothes that do not suit an Hourglass Shaped Body:

    • Avoid high necklines
    • Avoid empire waistlines in dresses and tops
    • Avoid tops with lots of frills and ruffles and that add volume
    • Avoid low-rise jeans
    • Avoid stiff fabrics as these will not flow with your curves
    • Avoid skinny jeans and trousers as these can make hourglass figures look stout and short
    • Avoid trousers or jeans with too many details aroudn the hip area


    We hope you feel more confident in buying clothes to suit your body shape and now you are armed with with our top do's and don'ts!

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